#149 – Fighting to save the company

Show notes from Episode #149 of the Sweaty Startup Podcast.

The whole team is fighting to save Storage Squad.

Today was not a good day. Schools have issued mandatory student evacuations, and Storage Squad’s future is at risk. The team spent the whole day fighting to reach administrators at their market universities, as different schools have started to partner with different companies. These companies are going to show up on campus, drop off tape and boxes to students, and store them until students are allowed back on campus.

They lost Harvard. They lost Tufts. They lost Syracuse, Michigan, Vanderbilt, and Georgetown, all in one day. They’re extremely worried that they’re going to lose their business after not making any deals in this window.

They have promising notes from Princeton, Emory, and Brandeis who want to set up calls for tomorrow. The team is in complete sales mode at this point. There’s fear that moving companies are going to swoop in and take their business, and they’ve already lost nearly 30% of their base.

They need to speak to these colleges, gain their trust, and make a deal.

They need boxes, and they need tape. The first thing universities will want to know is how soon they can get supplies on campus. If you know people in the industry that can supply thousands of 24x18x16 boxes or packaging tape, reach out to [email protected].

Nick is fighting to put food on the table for his children and for his employees to get their paychecks. Without these contracts, they could see millions of dollars of sales fall before their eyes.

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