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You don’t need a new idea and you don’t need to change the world to break free from the 9-5 lifestyle. All the richest people I know are self made, invested in themselves, and got started in sweaty and gritty service based businesses. Wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey, I offer a variety of courses (both free and paid) and I genuinely want to help you take back time, make more money, and offer you the freedom to live wherever you want.

Real Estate

Real Estate Masterclass

NOI and Cap Rates:
Mini Crash Course


This is what I wish I knew about real estate when I was about to do my first deal.

Over the past several years building a professional real estate portfolio of $20 million worth of self storage assets. Here you will learn what real estate entrepreneurs teach their children around the dinner table. 

I can promise you that even experienced real estate investors will get nuggets of wisdom from this masterclass. As one of the best online real estate courses, this is a more practical approach and more valuable than any college real estate course.

With this free online real estate course, in just 45 minutes, you’ll learn the two almighty real estate terms: NOI and Cap Rates. How they’re calculated, how to think about them, and what they tell us about real estate investments.



Debt, Cashflow and Risk:
Mini Crash Course


This is one of the best online business courses you can invest in. If you want to build a business that will make money while you sleep, you need a system. Hire and train people who can help you step back away from the business.

Don’t be the bottleneck in your business. Most people get it wrong and it shows. If they stop working, so does the money in the business. They are unable to find reliable employees, or simply don’t know how to give their employees the tools to succeed.

I’ve built systems to hire over 1,000 employees at my service business which we sold at 7 figures. I’ve hired both low-skilled employees and executives. I’ve fired my best friend and hired full time staff in the Philippines.

I lay out everything I know in this program, giving you the secret to success.

As a free online business course, learn about basic principles any entrepreneur needs to know. There is risk with any endeavor, and I want to not only help you become aware of that risk, but mitigate it as best as possible by providing valuable, free information.

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Nick's Self Storage Masterclass

Twitter Growth Course:
100k Followers in 10 Months

I’ve devoted the last several years of my career to the art of putting together my storage unit business, Bolt Storage. From the deals involved and the other intricacies of remotely operating self storage facilities, learn about the industry and both the downsides and what makes a good storage facility investment.

What is a 100k followers worth to you? If we get serious we can easily put a dollar amount on it. For me, having a good, dedicated following has changed my life and too many businesses underutilize social media and specifically Twitter. Become an expert!

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