I started the Sweaty Startup in December of 2018 because I believe the Shark Tank and Tech Crunch culture is ruining the real spirit of low-risk entrepreneurship. In college I connected with a lot of other entrepreneurs and of the 20 or so people pursuing tech and “new idea” startups, not a one succeeded. They all went and got real jobs.


157: #157 Update #9 // Life on the Road



157: #157 Update #9 // Life on the Road

This isn't for everyone. The last week has been mentally, emotionally and physically taxing.

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156: #156 Update #8 // The Rush to DC

Headed to DC for a big day of pickups tomorrow. We'll see what happens.

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155: #155 Three things (aside from COVID) that could wreck our economy

I've spent the last 2 weeks talking to as many smart people as I can about the economy, what they're afraid of, and what they think will happen. Here is a breakdown.

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154: #154 Update #7 // Now we wait

We're in limbo as we wait to see if the schools hire us to do the work.

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  • At least $150k a year in annual revenue 
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  • Must be your full-time gig
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