Nick is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and content creator focused on real estate and small business. In the last 9 months, Nick has co-founded 6 companies including RE Cost Seg, RecruitJet, Titan Risk, Blue Key Capital, Tax Credit Hunter, and WebRun Labs. His primary business, Bolt Storage, owns 1.8M sqft of self-storage facilities across 62 locations in 11 states. Nick has published over 400 podcast episodes, 200+ articles, and thousands of tweets. Through content, he openly shares his philosophy on life and business while building a diverse portfolio of sweaty startups in real-time. 

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Sweaty Startup Story

I started the Sweaty Startup in December of 2018 because I believe that the Shark Tank and Tech Crunch culture of startups is ruining the real spirit of low-risk entrepreneurship.

My Story
  • At least $150k a year in annual revenue
  • Service-based business with a human touch or real estate related (can be online but can't be software / product based)
  • At least 1 employee (the more the merrier)
  • Must be your full-time gig
  • Must be willing to share financial information like revenue, margin, etc. (Name and location can be hidden in the post and podcast titling so you don't show up in search engines if you would like privacy)