I'm Nick and I'm just an average guy from Leopold Indiana and my mission is to help people do common things uncommonly well.

I started the Sweaty Startup in December of 2018 because I believe the Shark Tank and Tech Crunch culture is ruining the real spirit of low-risk entrepreneurship. In college I connected with a lot of other entrepreneurs and of the 20 or so people pursuing tech and “new idea” startups, not a one succeeded. They all went and got real jobs.

All of the richest people I know who are self made got started in sweaty and gritty service based businesses. Now they are running wealth management and real estate companies and earning money by the tens of millions.

I’m living proof that you don’t need a new idea and you don’t need to change the world to buck the 9-5 and design the life you want. I’m officially a millionaire before the age of 30. I could work as little as 2 hours a day from anywhere in the world and continue to out earn most attorneys for the rest of my life. I work a lot more because I love building and the adventure of it.

I founded a pickup and delivery student storage company with a partner in 2011 as an undergrad in college. The company has grown to 34 major colleges in 9 states and we service over 10,000 customers each year with a team of 5 full time employees and over 200 part time employees. We successfully scaled one of the most logistically challenging services on the planet in the most expensive cities in America.

In 2017 my partner and I completed the construction of our first self storage facility which we own and manage. In 2018 we purchased a second facility and we are scheduled to open a third facility in 2019 and a fourth in 2020.

I now work remotely and live in Athens GA where I write, ride (and race) mu bike and enjoy spending time with my wife and 18 month old son. We are expecting a second son in July of 2019. If you find yourself in the area I would happily buy you a beer and chat for a while.

This project sprung out of a mentoring session with my younger brother who is in the process of starting his service based business. I was having conference calls with him helping him and decided to put it in blog/podcast format. About the same time I picked up a morning journaling/writing habit which I found to be extremely beneficial in my professional and personal life.

“Now I am writing and recording content with my younger self in mind. This is the stuff that I think could have helped me as a 21 year old entrepreneur.”

It turns out I’m learning a lot along the way and having a blast doing this project. I’ve already met a lot of great people and I think I’ve encouraged a few people to get started. Thats the goal here – my own personal development and encouragement for others.


I strongly believe that 95% of businesses fail because of three main reasons:

New idea syndrome = huge risk, educating customers that you even exist and competing with huge money and venture capital.

Change the world = its not realistic for an inexperienced entrepreneur without massive capital to change the world.

Passion projects = people start businesses based on their own selfish desires and their own interests and not what the market wants.

I believe in looking at the market from an unbiased and unemotional point of view and picking and choosing great opportunities in markets that already exist. I believe in low risk and a 5 year plan. I believe in focusing on value first. I believe in sticking it out when the going gets tough and most others give up.

I like service based businesses over tech and products because the demand is growing fast, the competition is weak and the customers and competition is already there to study.

The rest of my core principles here.

I like to write little startup guides like this and I email them to my subscribers once a week.

As I continue to learn and grow with my businesses, read self help and business books, reflect on my past experiences and consume content from a lot of other smart people I’ll share it here with you. Reach out if I can help in any way!

Should you trust me?

I think you should take what I say as just another piece of the advice puzzle. Talk to a lot of smart people and pick and choose the advice that is right for you and apply it to your unique situation the best you can!

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