189. How to start an online tutoring business

With school openings getting delayed more and more as the school year approaches, many parents and students have no idea how to approach distance and online learning. Many families spent months at home with each other with school being a light at the end of the tunnel. With the school year in question, that’s looking less and less like a reality. With that being said, there will be a massive demand for online tutoring, and Nick lays out exactly how to start an online tutoring business.

If you have experience in a teaching setting, or have gone to a nicer college or maybe even have some grad degrees, now is the best time to launch a tutoring business. The two best options are online tutoring, or small in-person sessions with anywhere from 1 to 5 students that you can tutor.

Parents love this option because it is beneficial in several ways. It keeps the children happy, it gives parents a break from the kids, and it provides a place for the kids to learn new things. Even something like a space camp, which is what a UGA student has been doing for kids, provides a learning experience that they wouldn’t otherwise receive.

The best way to start this would be to start SOON. Get a website with our sponsor Sparrow Websites or build your own, get a Google Voice number and Google My Business location. Get a solid online presence and create some flyers. Find some upper-middle class neighborhoods to hang flyers and spread the word about your business. Find school groups, Facebook groups, even people in your own network.

Another option is doing a teaching hybrid for younger students. Preschool and elementary schoolers don’t need a full 8-hour teaching day, so offering shorter teaching sessions mixed with just interacting with and getting a student active and outside could be an option.

When it comes to schooling and sports, parents are not very price sensitive for their children. They want to give their kids the best experience they can, and are willing to pay for it. Offering a 5-person small class and charging $1,000 a month per student would be between $20,000 and $30,000 per semester. Offer online tutoring, intimate teaching groups, or even sports training or small camps and parents will want that for their kids. Nick knows many parents who are already having trouble securing online tutors and teachers for their children.

At this point, online or small group tutoring as well as any form of childcare will blow up over the next several months. It may even last longer depending on the effects of the pandemic. With the shortage of tutors already, you can even name your price for most students and get good money with the knowledge you already have.

If you’re interested in Nick’s personalized advice and coaching, he is still offering his two coaching packages. You can do a one-time coaching session where he will give you insight and advice, or you can choose a monthly option where he keeps you accountable and checks in and answers your questions.

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