200. I got better at business when I stopped putting out fires and started preventing them

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Today’s episode of The Sweaty Startup is our 200th episode! We are so excited about our show running for this long, and so glad you guys enjoy it. We’re hosting a giveaway for a free one hour consulting call with Nick to celebrate! See details below

In todays episode of The Sweaty Startup, Nick gives an update on the life of his self-storage business and where they are headed as Covid-19 impacts lessen.

He also talks about a key shift in the company: the year when they stopped putting out fires and started preventing them. For every company, preventing problems looks different, but Nick challenges business owners to really ponder what would move them from being a passive problem-solver to being a proactive problem-preventer.

For example, when the customer service calls are overwhelming their staff, the easy answer would be to hire more people and get by. But instead of doing that, they took ta deeper look at the problem. Why were they getting so many customer service calls? Because they were not communicating well with customers. After taking three hours to revamp their communication (the emails, the website, the phone answering machine), the calls they received were cut in half. This fix solved this problem and future problems. For your business, look at what takes the bulk of your time problem solving, and ask what causes it and what you could do to minimize that.

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