201. People are spending a lot of money on their houses

In today’s episode of The Sweaty Startup, Nick gives a quick motivating push for a business that is thriving right now. Home work of any kind is the best place to be in this climate; everyone is spending money on their homes.

This ranges anywhere from general contracting, construction, deck building/staining, to landscaping, decorating, anything! People are buying homes away from the city, and they’re spending more time than ever at home. What to do people do when the buy new homes or spend more time at home? Make their house how they want it. Nick himself has done several projects that he hadn’t gotten around to before.

He has done several more detailed episodes recently on business ideas revolving around homes and construction. Even if you’re just handy around your house, take advantage of the high demand for work and put yourself out there! You can make a killing right now while everyone upgrades their homes.  

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