How to start a thermal imaging or home inspection company

When you get home from work one day go to your computer instead of the couch. Buy a domain and get hosting. I like Bluehost for a cheap yet reliable option. Set up a website with WordPress. Pay someone on a freelancing site to create a simple logo and some marketing material for you.

Make sure your flyer has great copywriting. This is an example of what you might want to say:

  • Predict your home utility bills with affordable thermal imaging
  • Where is your home leaking heat?
  • Understand your home utility bills BEFORE you buy
  • Protect your investment with a thermal imaging analysis
  • Affordable energy auditing

Buy $100 worth of door hanging flyers created on UPrinting or your local print shop. Make sure your phone number and web address is on the bottom of the flyer.

That weekend go on Zillow or and get in your car. Drive around and hang a flyer on the door of every home for sale within 10 miles of where you live.

Read and learn about thermal imaging by watching videos like this. Take one of the many online classes. Consider getting certified. Watch an updated video on equipment so you can decide what camera to buy. Study the industry and learn as much as possible. Buy a camera for under $350. You can upgrade later.

Create a report template that you will use to report back to customers. Use the many many examples

on the internet and take what you love from each of them.

Your phone will start to ring. Do some studying and take a class. Get out and service some customers at heavy discounts. Get the required certifications. Learn a lot.

Provide professional reports for them to use.

As you gain momentum start to grow your marketing channels. Partner with realtors to send you referrals and pay them a cut if necessary. Watch the MLS. Show up at open houses and hand out business cards. Get creative with your marketing. Find local real estate investors and offer your services to them for free at first to gain trust. Word will get out about your work and business will start flowing.

You’ll start to bring in $150+ per service and it will take you about an hour. Begin to partner with contractors who want the leads you have for new windows, roofs, insulation, doors, etc. Tons of opportunity here.

As soon as your weekends and evenings are full and you are bringing in enough money to replace your 9-5 quit your job and get serious.

Invest in some equipment like a drone and get certified to fly it. Start doing big commercial thermal imaging projects. Maybe expand to be a full on building inspector. Develop consulting relationships with developers and real estate investors in your city.

As soon as you are too busy hire employees and begin to build your company. Simplify the job so your employees can thrive. Train them to do their core task really well. Don’t forget workers comp.

Provide super amazing customer service. Answer the phone every time and be in a super eager positive mood. This along with the “on demand” nature will put you ahead of 99% of your competitors.

Don’t like thermal imaging? Check out this list and take your pick.

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