A rant on victim mentality and controlling what we can control (ep 85)

I dedicated a podcast episode and a video to this topic because it really struck a chord with me. Interested to hear your thoughts and feel free to disagree!

I had a shower thought and posted this a few days ago comparing the tip culture in the restaurant business to entrepreneurship and stating that I thought good waiters and waitresses probably like the current setup. My wife was a waitress for years and she said she did really well compared to her less attentive and energetic co-workers.

I get that its not always fair and I get that it may not be the best system to compensate those folks. It was just a thought.

The outpouring of negativity has led to more thinking about the mindset of the average person vs the mindset of an above average person. One person even took the time to brainstorm the numerous reasons why being a waiter SUCKS.

What the heck kind of mindset is this? Pointing fingers at all of the things outside of my control that make my life hard and unfair.

They even used the example of the owner and his/her family sitting down and taking one of your tables. You think the owner wouldn’t tip his freaking waitstaff? I would use this as an OPPORTUNITY to show my boss and his family how freaking great I am at serving and increase my job security. I would LOVE it if the owner sat down and I got the chance to wait on him/her.

People win in life and people succeed in life because they look at these things and figure out what they can control and how they can influence the situations for the better. They realize nothing worth doing in life is fair and easy and straightforward and risk free.

Stop playing a victim and take control of the problems in your life instead of accepting them.

I get it. I’m a privileged white male from a loving middle class family. But I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today if I just accepted every problem as unavoidable and pointed fingers at everyone around me when things didn’t go exactly how I had planned.

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