An interesting reflection on the podcast so far

An interesting thing is happening with the podcast. I’m getting a lot of emails from people who have found holes in markets. But their solution is to help the businesses get more customers. Lead generation, website consulting, SEO work, etc for child care centers, HVAC contractors, doctors and all the other 1985 businesses.

They don’t understand that getting customers isn’t something the companies need help with. There is an oversupply of customers and not enough companies. They are trying to sell customers to the businesses and its not working. They want to sit behind a computer and consult and type and not do any work. The people willing to get out and do it and actually compete with these businesses will be the winners.

That has been my point from day 1. There isn’t a shortage in websites and software and programs and SEO. There is a shortage in companies offering services.

I used to think I wanted to teach my kids to code and write software and code. Too many people are doing that. Coding is getting cheaper and cheaper and cheaper and I think it will get automated over the years in ways like WordPress automated web development.

The average age of a small business owner in America is 50 years old. What will happen when they want to retire in 10 or 15 years?

I’m going to teach my kids to work and grind and sweat.

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