Don’t let your emotions influence your decisions

Something bad just happened. Something went wrong. A problem. Most people just react. They go with their guts.

Stop and think. Stop and think about how your emotions effect your decisions. Realize that between every event and your reaction there is a split second that you get to choose how you react. You get to choose how you feel. You get to choose positivity or negativity. You get to choose a freak out or cool headedness.

That is the basic principle on Stoic philosophy. The stoics believe there is no bad or good in the world there is only our decision to react a certain way. Read The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday. Or search Ryan Holiday on YouTube.

The goal in business and in life is not to ignore the emotions like anger and fear and anxiety. But instead to put them in perspective and keep them from clouding our judgement and making bad decisions.

Don’t start a business based on your own selfish desires, passions or hobbies. Don’t filter information based on what you want to hear and what supports your beliefs. Don’t turn around and slug the guy in the bar who is acting like an idiot.

Think logically. Change your mind often. Don’t make decisions while angry.

This is a skill that requires serious practice. Nobody is perfect. You have to make a habit of working on these things every day. Analyze each day for how you could have reacted better. How you can improve.

You’ll be better off and more likely to make great decisions.

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