How 142 hours of guerrilla marketing earned a moving company in Phoenix $30k a month in recurring revenue

Show notes from Episode 44.

A lesson in the power of getting face to face with people in this interview with entrepreneur Max Maher. He owns a company in Phoenix called Skinny Wimp Moving. Hes 23 years old and brings in over a million a year in sales with a 30% profit margin.

He did an experiment where he went out and got face to face with 500 people and businesses who could potentially refer him residential moving customers. Self storage facilities, apartment complexes, realtor offices, furniture stores, and more. He tried to be likable, carry on a great conversation and get a business card from them so he could send a thank you email and continue to follow up. He rated every connection on a 1-3 scale and sent a gift to the 40 that he felt he had the best connection with.

Max employs the “knock twice” sales method where you follow up and continue to visit leads even if they act uninterested initially. Visiting 3 times finally won him over a high end furniture store that now sends him thousands of dollars a month in moves.

In 142 hours of work he generated an extra $30k per month in sales for his moving company.

He got his start by building a pool service company and doing a lot of similar face-to-face marketing. In the podcast interview we discuss how he finds great employees by walking up to people in public and some of the lessons Max has learned while building several businesses from the ground up and BUYING a failing moving company at the age of 19 and turning it around.

In the age of a competitive digital marketing landscape people often forget about the value in face to face personal interactions. This is a prime example of what you can do without any money and just a little sweat and determination.

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