How much money do you need?

There are only three levels of wealth in this world and beyond that money doesn’t matter. The first is being able to feed your family, pay your mortgage and not stress about going into debt. The second is going to a restaurant and not worrying about what restaurant it is or the prices prices and just ordering exactly what you want. The third is not worrying about the cost of trips or flights but just going and doing what you want to do. Beyond that it really just doesn’t matter. How much money do you need? I bet it isn’t 100 million dollars.

On this blog I’ll tell you how everyday people have slowly built businesses that make hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in profit. I’ll tell you how those same people designed the life they want and escaped the rat race that so many of us are stuck in. They can go where where they want and when they want. They don’t work in a corner office for 80 hours a week and commute an hour each way to get there. They make money while they sleep. If they spend a lot of their time working its because they want to work – not because they have no choice.

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About Me

I started the Sweaty Startup in December of 2018 because I believe the Shark Tank and Tech Crunch culture is ruining the real spirit of low-risk entrepreneurship.