How to be a good father, husband and leader

No matter how good you are at what you do, you will receive more criticism than praise in your life.

The haters will line up to pull you down to make themselves feel better.

If you can’t handle it, you’re toast. You will convince yourself they are right, your insecurities will take over and you’ll self sabotage every opportunity you get.

It’s a sad, vicious cycle and many men fall victim. Few reach their actual potential and this is the main reason why.

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The best way to raise awesome kids:

Treat your wife insanely well.

Insecure, f’d up kids are the result of selfish fathers who prioritize the wrong things. Talk down to your wife, be short with your wife, be mean to your wife and your kids will have the deck stacked against them for their entire lives.

Women have a special intuition men don’t have.

My wife has saved my ass from some dumb decisions and helped me double down on the good ones.

She has a spider sense and is really good at reading people.

I know men who will let everything and everyone important in their life take a backseat to doing the next deal.

They can’t stop. They are deal addicts.

They have all the money in the world but they spend 70 hours a week chasing the next high. It is a destructive addiction.

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What does winning look like for you?

For me it’s a wife who is happy, children who want to be around me, friends who make me better, a fit body and a healthy business.

In that order.

The best entrepreneurs are world class decision makers. The decisions others take days or weeks to make, they make 20 a day in seconds.

If they make the wrong one they make another one to fix it quickly.

They’re great because they make a ton of decisions. Practice. Most people never make any high value decisions.

No practice = no good.

Practice making decisions. Let your employees practice making decisions. Let your CHILDREN practice making decisions.

Sunk costs force people to make horrible, emotional decisions.

If your business is sucking, shut it down. If your employee is sucking, fire them.

If the person you’re dating acts like an asshole, dump them.

Things rarely change. Accept it, be a man, and kill it.

Stop wasting your time and energy trying to change the world and people in it.

Your job is to make the best decision based on the way the world is today.

You’ll be happier, richer and better at life if you shift your mind on this.

Most business owners look at expenses as expenses.

Every dollar they spend means a dollar less in their pocket. So they nickel and dime everyone. Employees, vendors, customers.

Great business owners look at expenses as investments.

Every dollar they spend on great people is a $1.50 in their pocket.

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