How to buy a house in a hot market (and how an immigrant came to America 18 months ago and makes $20k a month)

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How to buy a house in a hot market:

Fire your buyers agent (or don’t get one). You’re at a disadvantage in a multi-offer scenario because your broker is making $10k+ that could go to the sellers agent and seller.

I always work directly with the seller’s agent.

Normally it is 3% of purchase price to seller’s agent and 3% to buyers agent.

On a $500k house your agent is doing virtually nothing to bring value to the deal but he / she is making $15k.

Make offer with 2% credit to seller and 1% more commission for the seller agent.

Seller makes $10k more over another identical offer.

You save money (can offer less to get same amount of money in seller’s pocket).

And most importantly the seller’s agent is HIGHLY motivated to get the seller to take your offer because they make an extra $5k (or 33% more money).

So they will quarterback the deal to make sure your offer is at the top of the pile.

I’ve bought 3 houses like this and I’ve watched friends buy 5 or so more this way.

It is incredibly effective.

PSA: I wrote this post on the exact 12 step plan to grow companies. Use it as a resource as you grow yours!

I have a great story to tell about pure entrepreneurial grit:

I recently paid $400 for an Uber and it was the best money I’ve ever spent.

The driver was a Nigerian immigrant who came to America 18 months ago.

Tissues, water, chargers, ultra clean vehicle.

Soft professional music.

Wore dress pants, white collared shirt with black vest and scally cap.

Called me Mr. Huber every time he spoke.

Jumped out of the car to get my bags as soon as he parked at both pickup and drop off.

I got to talking to him…

It was a 70 minute ride and he received $290.

He leases 3 brand new Suburbans and has 5 full time drivers all over Atlanta.

He said he earned $20k last month in PROFIT after covering all of his expenses.

Handed me a business card on the way out and said:

“Next date night, business meeting or flight send me a text. I will be here 15 minutes early day or night and can send an invoice directly to your assistant.”

He’s now my go-to guy.

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