How to delegate, traits of a successful entrepreneur, and other tips to make you a more effective leader

Is it time to sell your business?

I launched a business brokerage.

We now have 1,200+ buyers on our distribution list.

When we get a listing we’ll do a podcast episode with the owner, a breakdown of the business to my 170,000 newsletter subscribers, and several tweets promoting the listing (I get 50 million impressions a month on Twitter).

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You can’t go wrong as a business owner if you just keep a constant flow of communication going with your clients.

People don’t get pissed when things go wrong if they’re kept in the loop.

Deliver bad news early and often.

One thing I’ve noticed as a common habit among folks who just can’t seem to get ahead in life:

They spend a lot of time and energy worrying about shit they can’t control.

i.e. politics, other people’s actions, their past, what other people think.

Charisma and excitement is drastically underrated when starting a company.

It is contagious.

People are drawn to people who believe something and have energy around it. If you’re “low-key” all the time, you’ll struggle as a leader.

A get a lot of hate on Twitter for saying the quiet part out-loud.

A sure-fire way to make a killing:

Buy a business with a bunch of Americans in an office taking 2 hr lunch breaks and 5 weeks vacation a year while earning $38 / hr + benefits.

Fire them and hire folks in LATAM and Philippines for $5 an hour.

Expenses way down. Profit way up.

tweeted that a while back and a lot of people got pissed because of how bad it sounds. And I’ll admit it, it does sound bad.

But it is the strategy of every private equity group out there. 450+ of the fortune 500 companies outsource labor to take advantage of the cost arbitrage.

You’re looking at an iPhone or computer right now that was assembled in Bangladesh for $3 an hour. Why is it so bad when I say it out loud?


I got a ton of questions asking about how I find these folks. I’ve hired 50+ through a company called – I’m also an investor in the company.

Worlds worst quote: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

Move with a sense of urgency and get shit done.

Go. Move. Now. Get off the couch and turn off the phone. Do something!

A lot of Dads obsess over “never missing a ball game” just so they can tell their friends. It’s an ego thing in my opinion.

When kids are doing 30+ games a season w travel for 3 sports this is insane and unhealthy.

Live a balanced life that doesn’t revolve around your kids.

Two things every business owner should do when the new business comes in too fast to keep up: 1

1) qualify leads with pricing on your website i.e. New Website ($10k+) Lawn care ($250 / mo +)

2) selectively ignore the poor leads

Not all work is profitable. Ignore what isn’t.

How can you run multiple companies and still spend quality time with your wife and children?

Step 1: Make sure there are people employed in your company who can solve problems.

Step 2: Put those people between you and the problems.

Step 3: Pay them really well.

Delegation is the key to work life balance at any level. There are entrepreneurs earning hundreds of millions of dollars who don’t take meetings or phone calls and don’t have a job in their companies.

How? Delegation.

This Twitter account is a great one to follow on the topic.

Onward and upward,


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