How to grow a valuable following on Twitter (step by step guide)

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One of the most common questions I get:

How do I grow a Twitter following?

Well there are only two steps really.

Step 1: Do something interesting in real life.

Get good at something. People want to follow folks who do things well because they want to learn.

Every single person on social media is selfish. They’re scrolling hundreds of posts from hundreds of accounts with one thing in mind:

Can this person make me smarter, richer, better or entertain me?

The folks looking for entertainment aren’t a valuable, loyal audience so lets count them out.

We’re after the people who want to get smarter and richer (that is a valuable audience who likely is already quite smart and on their way to becoming wealthy).

If you haven’t done anything interesting in life and you haven’t accomplished anything, forget social media for now and get out in the real world and mix it up.

If you have done something interesting, its time to tell people how and give them actionable advice.

We need to give them something that can help in that .5 seconds they read the first 5 lines of our post they see on their home feed:

Step 2: Talk about your experiences.

How to blend in on twitter:

Regurgitate ideas, quotes and stories about business titans. How to actually build a valuable audience:

Take those same ideas and apply them to your own business, experience and form your own opinions.

Would you rather be a news source or a unique opinion and trusted authority?

Too many badass entrepreneurs are trying to build a following on social media by telling stories about historic figures. Nobody has loyalty to you if you do that!

They want to know why you’re different. How you can help them.

My goal with every post on Twitter is the same:

Try to make a smart person think differently about something.

Here are a few examples of posts that will make somebody want to follow you.

  1. Observations / lessons.
  2. Ideas / best practices.
  3. Business idea.
  4. Engaging videos sharing lessons / ideas.
  5. Advice that goes against common knowledge.
  6. Stories from real personal experiences.

A note:

Everybody filters and weighs your ideas and your opinions up against what you’ve done.

Have never accomplished anything?

Your ideas and teachings won’t be taken seriously.

Built a 7 figure company?

People want to hear what you have to say because your ideas carry weight.

I’ve talked to a lot of smart, accomplished people who say “I want my ideas to stand alone and speak for themselves.

That is a pretty egotistical way to think about things, in my opinion. People filter information based on the above no matter what you “think” is right.

So tell them what you’ve done. Share your stories. Optimize your bio to share what you’ve accomplished. Even if it feels uncomfortable and feels like bragging.

Like this:

And this:

People see an idea, click through to your profile and either follow or not based on what you write.

Do it wisely!

Onward and upward,

Nick Huber


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