How to handle (or avoid being) a crappy boss and three free online workshops

If you’re pissed off with a co-workers performance or the management style of a boss you have two options:

1) blab around the office and complain about it.

2) go to your boss and discuss it.

#1 wont change anything and will likely get you fired.

#2 probably won’t change anything but at least you’ll learn if you need to look for a new job or let the person go.

I’m a firm believer in one thing:

Clear, respectful communication is ALWAYS beneficial. You’ll learn where your manager or co-worker is coming from. How they think about things.

And most importantly:

They’ll become aware of how you feel – which is often 1/2 the battle.

Chicago has created a real estate crisis.

Many buildings have been hit with tax bills that make them impossible to own at any price.

Totally worthless buildings.

We’re talking $20-30 + per foot in taxes annually when rent is less. Many other cities doing the same. Sad deal. ​

See the conversation around this here​.

The difference between small business and real estate:

In business you’re always in a hurry and feeling like you’re two steps behind where you need to be.

Time isn’t on your side. Your competitors are racing you. If you go to slow or get too complacent you lose and go out of business.

In real estate time is your best friend.

Make money doing something else. Buy great real estate with low leverage. And wait.

Years go by and a property gets more and more valuable.

So you just buy a property and wait as long as you can. A much better business in some ways (when you have wealth you’re working to protect).

But in other ways small business is far superior.

Things can happen much faster and the business can grow much faster. You can get rich much quicker when things go well.

To me the path is simple:

If you don’t have any money – start with entrepreneurship. Learn to operate. Learn to manage. Learn to sell. Collect money.

Then buy real estate to protect wealth, save on taxes, and let time do its thing while you enjoy life.

I think every business should have a two sided approach to marketing:

  1. Paid traffic.

Google ads. Pay per click on search. It is effective and a necessity for any business with more than $5 million in revenue.

This is a given – $2-10 per click on the internet to drive leads. You can track it and see your return on add spend (ROAS).

Ideally every $1 you shovel in here creates $1.10 in profit or more.

The company handles all of my paid marketing for my entire self storage portfolio.

2. Search engine optimization / link-building.

Get your website structured correctly, with the right landing pages and text, to rank for keywords in your local market.

Then build links to grow your domain authority in the eyes of Google.

You can check your domain authority in comparison to your competitors by using this free tool.

My storage facility ranks as shown:

This is great – and I outrank almost all of the competitors in small town America for most keywords because my site is structured right and my authority is high.

Go on the site and type in your own website and your local competitors to see where you stand.

There are many ways to build links and increase your domain rating. You can go on podcasts. You can do guest posts on and other sites. You can use local citation services (google it) to get your website and company information listed on all of the aggrigator websites like Yelp, SuperPages, YellowPages, Manta, HotFrog, Apple Maps, Google My Business, Waze, TomTom etc.

All of these sites will link to your page and help your local ranking and domain authority.

I use BoldSEO to do my link building. All of my companies are on a link building plan with them.

When things go well the organic traffic increases and you can spend less on paid ads and get the same traffic.

One of Bold’s clients has increased the “organic traffic value” from $5,000 per month to $9,100 per month from July to September.

(in addition to being a customer of both AdRhino and Bold, I’m also an investor in the businesses)


Starting a business isn’t right for everyone.

95% of folks are better off getting a job.

It’s hard AF. Decisions are critical and plentiful. Risk is for real. Stress can be crippling. Delegation can be impossible for poor communicators.

Most folks don’t have what it takes.

You can earn exceptional money working for a company with less stress and a better quality of life.

I set up filters in my email inbox.

100x better experience.

All the bullshit emails get organized and filtered out of the main inbox. Highly recommend! Here is the video I watched to get it done.

Onward and upward!

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