How to turn into a cold blooded, money making machine.

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One of the most common questions I get:

Who run’s your pay-per-click ads on Google?

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One of my business partners welcomed his first child recently.

This is great news for me as his partner…


Babies turn men into hungry, driven, money making machines.

We get better at managing time, making decisions, getting up and busting ass and being insanely efficient. We become focused on long term planning and going after opportunity.

And we make a shit load of money for ourselves and everyone around us and in our companies.

We’re more calculated in what we do. We take less physical risks. We do less dumb stuff.

We have a living, breathing human being looking up at us that is fully dependent on us to provide resources and opportunity.

And most importantly of all:

We have a sense of urgency.

In my opinion – a sense of urgency is the #1 most important trait of a human when it comes to being successful or not.

You see most people move slow. They think slow. They work slow. They make decisions slowly and they analyze opportunities for so long they disappear before they get up off the couch.

Most people lolly gag their way through life.

They go to work and do the absolute bare minimum to not get fired and to still get paid next Friday. Then they go out with their friends, party, watch sports, travel, etc.

They treat time as their least valuable asset. They give it away for an hourly wage and they waste the rest on things that don’t make them better. Their goal in life is to maximize pleasure right now.

They sacrifice their future to enjoy today.

But the people who win have a totally different perspective and having a kid cranks it up to 11.

Winners have a sense of urgency.

Having a kid can’t create it. Lazy, slow moving people remain lazy, slow moving people.

But when a winner has a child their natural sense of urgency is tightened.

They move even faster. They act fast. They make decisions quickly. They get up and go when an opportunity arises. They kick ass and ask questions later.

They appreciate their time off and start to understand that time is in fact their most valuable resource. So they start saying NO to stuff that doesn’t move the needle forward. They stop wasting time with people who bring them down or don’t make them better.

A father on a mission is quick to upgrade his friends and influences. He is quick to tell people and things NO who don’t deserve access to his most precious resource.

He becomes a better judge of opportunities. What is worth my time? Where can I get the most return? What is the best bet here? He becomes an expert at delegation and time management.

He becomes better at struggling. At dealing with stress. He understands that life isn’t all fun and freedom and maximizing pleasure today. He understands that a family is hard work and sacrifice and that is what makes it so rewarding.

Something clicks in the head when the responsibility kicks in.

Some men run – and leave their family and the stress behind. It leaves broken families and broken kids who struggle with it for the rest of their lives.

But the successful men kick it into high gear and step up.

They build. They invest in the future. They delay gratification and do things they don’t want to do today for a better life 5 years from now. Or for their kids 15 years from now. They’re always thinking 5 steps ahead.

This business partner of mine was already very rich and an absolute killer before he had his first child. But he’s about to have his coming out party, I can feel it.

Looking forward to a very profitable run with this guy.

Btw, this one right here is what keeps me going when the going gets tough (and it’s always tough when you’re trying to do big things):

My youngest of 3.

Onward and upward!

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