How would you simplify the job of a mover? A simple case study. (ep 89)

Max Maher submitted a question asking how we could apply our simplify the job principles to his moving company.

Do they show up to a truck ready to go with everything they need including lunch on it? Can they drop it off in its current state and go home? Can you do the bill of lading digitally and cut out cash so they don’t have to worry about the invoice or taking payment at all and can just log their time and peace?

You could also have certain crews only do certain types of moves. Keep them on the same roads in the same neighborhoods in the same types of homes or businesses.

Have somebody come in and work 3 hours at night and get everything ready to go including a cooler in each truck with lunch and cold drinks. That 3 hours would save each and every crew of 3 employees 10 minutes in the morning. That alone would save your employees significant money throughout the year and cut out the lost time of “running to get a bite to eat”. 30 employees wasting 15 minutes driving to get lunch every single day for a year is a LOT of wasted time and would be easy to put a dollar figure on the losses. Take out all the variables so they can focus on their core task.

You could also divide and conquer the physical tasks of moving. I know you can only do so much but you could have certain employees specialize in certain areas of the move. One guy always loads the truck. Another totally separate crew does warehouse work when it comes to loading vaults at the warehouse for storage.

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