My best tips to be happier and get richer

A quick sponsorship before we dive in:

One of the most common questions I get:

Who run’s your pay-per-click ads on Google?

Well I have big news.. I partnered with the best performance marketer I know and have spent the last 3 months building an agency that is now ready to take on more clients.

If you’re a service business I highly recommend AdRhino. They run campaigns for us at 63 self storage locations and they do a great job.

If you’re spending money on ads in your town, set up a call with AdRhino!

A thought:

Before somebody gets truly brought to their knees in business you can never be sure how they’ll react when the going gets tough. Winning is easy.

Making money is fun. Reacting to the victories doesn’t require any special ability.

Reacting to losses is much, much tougher. Keeping it together when things are totally out of control is what separates the men from the boys.

Are you un-killable and un-shakeable?

There is nothing better in this world than watching your friends win.

Make a bunch of money, get promotions, build awesome stuff, buy nice things.

If you can avoid the jealousy and surround yourself with winners your life will get a lot better, quick.

In my experience: The harder someone works and the more competent they are, the less likely they are to lie, steal or cheat.

They simply get ahead easier without doing that so the temptation isn’t there.

Lazy & incompetent folks need to lie to cover their tracks.

Keep a note in your phone where you write down little interesting happenings in your life.

My uncle bought a new house. Took the kids camping. My son was the first one in his class to count to 100.

When you get 5 things on your list call your grandparent and have a 5 min chat.

I optimize for experiences rather than physical things. My main goal in life: Make memories with people I care about.

Here’s the thing:

A lot of things will lead to experiences. I’ll end up buying a lot of very practical stuff. Not necessarily luxury, but quality and expensive at times. This rooftop tent was one of those purchases.

Best $5k I’ve spent in a long time.

iKamper 3.0

News flash:

People judge you every single day off of little bitty things. You do it too to save yourself headache or money or protect your time.

How you’re dressed. Your haircut. Your car. How you stand and how you speak. There are things you can control and things you can’t.


A lot of 50 year olds get rolled through an airport in a wheelchair.

One of my life goals: Be healthy enough to walk 18 holes of golf in the Georgia summer at 75 years old.

I can make large business decisions with 25 text messages and 15 minutes. You have a record of it all. Searchable.

Very few misunderstandings.

Phone calls are overrated – especially if you’re very good at writing.

I’ve been working remotely since 2011.

Hot take:

Being tied to an office makes you think too small as the business owner. You’re constantly drawn back into the weeds. People have access to you so they step in your office and pull you in to help. Its hard to think bigger.

I have massive respect for anyone building businesses and publicly sharing it with their real name. The consequences are massive if you mess up, treat someone wrong, go broke, whatever.

The anonymous accounts just log off and carry on.

The best talent currently has a job they like and a boss who doesn’t want to lose them. Simply posting on the job boards IS NOT adequate to find the best talent.

You have to go out and hunt them, sell them and recruit them to join your mission.

As a business owner you are a HUNTER of talent.

Everywhere you go. You’re waiting to drop a business card in someones hand.

You’re asking questions to get an idea of how people think. Wondering how they could become an asset to you and if you could add value to their lives.

You are a lion sitting on a rock waiting to pounce.

Met a 16 year old last week.

His plan:

1) Graduate high school with a lot of college credits

2) go to a cheap college to finish off the bachelors in 2 years

3) go into sales

I asked him what he wanted to sell: “Something expensive” I think this is a SURE FIRE way to succeed.

Just because somebody sends you an email does not mean they are entitled to a response.

There, I said it.

Onward and upward,


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