Oren Klaff tells us how to Flip the Script and close the deal

Show notes from podcast episode 82!

How do we name our price and get the kind of clients that set us up for growth and scaling? Oren talks about how to appeal to the high end market.

Its all about low neediness and putting the ball in the customer’s court to close the deal. Making the customers think that it is THEIR idea to work with you. You aren’t just selling them – they are selling you that its a good fit and they are a good customer.

Set up the framework to make it happen:

  1. Show that you understand the customer. Beyond smalltalk you have to prove that you are their kind of company. Speak their language. Become an INSIDER.
  2. Prove that you are an expert. You are the best and you KNOW your stuff.
  3. Outline the risks of using a competitor and manage expectations.
  4. Qualify the customer. Ask them questions that make them sell themselves to you.

Skip discounting. Skip the close. Rush to the next appointment because you are busy as heck and you aren’t needy. You don’t NEED their business.

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