265: I wouldn’t sell my Twitter account for $1 million and here’s why

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Twitter has changed my life, and I wouldn’t sell my account for $1 million. In fact, it would take much more.

Coming into 2022 I have over 180 thousand followers, have raised over $20 million in investor capital, and have almost a thousand LPs on my distribution list that have primarily come from Twitter. I’ve earned over $900 thousand in 2021 through consulting, online media, affiliate sales, ads, and podcast income. In the process, I’ve learned a lot about the keys to Twitter: how to gain followers, build a funnel, and accomplish my goals through gaining distribution.

The problem with Twitter is that nobody has the outline of exactly how to grow. Many try and many fail, and without a large distribution base, it’s incredibly hard to accomplish your goals and have an impact on the world. When used effectively, Twitter is your free country club with unlimited scale. Whether you have tangible goals about networking and gaining followers or just want to spread your ideas, there’s no better place to do that than on Twitter.

I’ve launched a new course at sweatystartup.com/twitter/ with over 15 thousand words along with videos, screenshots, and workshopping on how to build your audience on Twitter. The course walks you through how to set up your profile, make tweets that stand out, and gain your follower base all while avoiding the mistakes that I made.

If you think an online presence will help you reach your goal, this course is worth your time. The price tag can pay for itself with just one deal, one relationship, or one networking opportunity.

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