288: Why setting goals is overrated

You hear online business coaches and self-help gurus that are always talking about setting goals. Goals are certainly important, and you should have a direction that you’re rowing your boat in, but I feel the same way about goals as I do ideas: they’re nothing without execution.

Too much of the world is 80% ideas, 20% execution. Everybody can read, write, set goals, generate ideas, and continue to aim their sites, but how many people are actually taking action? An idea is less than 1% of what makes you successful, a goal is nothing. A lot of people have this secret mentality that if you envision something, it will happen, but I know a lot of people who have big goals but aren’t doing well in their life.

You don’t win through goals, you win through systems and execution. You win through the little choices you make all day long about how you spend your time and what you’re working towards. Everybody has a goal to lose 20 pounds, but few people can keep up with the type of lifestyle changes and discipline necessary for months at a time. That’s why I’m not afraid to share my ideas on the internet, the truth is that 99.99% of people cannot and are not willing to execute.

Stop setting goals. Stop watching videos and reading and tweeting and aiming, go out and do the stuff that’s not fun. It’s fun to set goals, to dream big, to brainstorm, and everybody can do it well, but it’s not fun to execute. It wasn’t fun 6 months into my service company when I was working day and night handling hard labor and difficult customers, but 10 years later we’ve built something incredible.

Everybody wants to get rich quick, but 99% of successful people took a long time to get there. My partner and I made a lot of mistakes and stupid calls over the years, but it’s all about putting yourself in the game and setting yourself up for success. You’re at a huge advantage if you just put yourself in the game, and the odds of success are big if you make a 5-year plan and are willing to act on it.

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