330: Execution is better than ideas

If you name a business, any business in any industry, I’ll show you one where somebody has become a millionaire off of it. Success is not about the idea, it’s about how you execute. Every time I log on to Twitter, TechCrunch, or judge a pitch competition at the University of Georgia, I notice how overly complicated people make things. Execution is what matters, simplicity is effective. People management, sales customer service, and decision-making will set you apart. You don’t need to differentiate yourself with five brand-new features and offerings.

When we started Storage Squad in 2011 there were 20 companies doing what we wanted to do. We picked features from each of them that we wanted to mimic because we thought they were great. We offered free boxes, last-minute reservations, and efficient signups because that’s what our competitors were doing. We didn’t do anything the market hadn’t already seen, we built a Frankenbusiness.

There are five lawn care companies in Athens, Georgia alone that make over $1M. They’re all succeeding because they know how to block, tackle, and execute. There’s no secret to the business. Keep it simple. So many entrepreneurs develop something that won’t sell because they get too cute and complicated. You don’t need to be different to make really good money. The media romanticizes figures like Jobs and Zuckerberg, but those guys are the needle in the haystack, and the vast majority of people that try to mimic them fail.

Execution is more important than your business idea. You just need to block, tackle, and make things a bit better while out-executing the other guys. Some companies make great money with total incompetency, the bar is low if you can focus.

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