343: 343: Business tax hacks to pay less taxes

In this video, Nick Huber and Mitchell Baldridge, CPA, discuss tax efficiency and things you can do to defer and pay less taxes. 

From section 179 to QSBS to retirement accounts, they cover the things you MUST KNOW if you run a small business.

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03:13 – S-Corps

08:14 – QBI optimization

14:50 – Bonus Depreciation

21:20 – Section 179 and car mileage

30:11 – Mega Backdoor ROTH

33:55 – ERC Tax Credit 

39:09 – R&D Tax Credit

41:14 – 45L Tax Credits

42:40 – Donor Advised Funds

47:07 – “The Augusta Rule”

48:41 – SALT Cap Workarounds

51:03 – Q&A


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