363: The Best Way to Find 10X Talent

Shaan Puri from the My First Million podcast joined me to host a workshop on delegation and hiring. We discussed how we hire, attract talent, manage employees, delegate, and build businesses without working 80-90 hours a week. You can check out episode 362 for the full workshop.

As an early entrepreneur, you need to get scrappy with hiring. We can’t hire recruiters or make Indeed posts and have talent come our way. We need to hunt for the 80% of talented people ambivalent about their current jobs and find them where they are. People want to post on LinkedIn or Indeed and hope that A players will come up and approach them, but you need to go out and hunt. Nobody will walk up to you and care about your business as much as you will.

I am a hunter, I’m hunting down talent and looking for it everywhere I go. When I handled a student storage company in 2014 I would carry business cards everywhere and use sidewalk chalk to advertise our open jobs. The best story I have was while I was at Walmart and saw a cart returner running around the parking lot with carts to pick them up and bring them back into the store. We’ve all seen people in this job moving slowly and lollygagging. Instantly I wanted to get him to work for me. I approached him with a business card and told him my name, what we do, what we paid, and told him to let me know if he knows anybody looking for work. He ended up working for me through three busy seasons in Boston and was one of the best employees we’ve ever hired.

At Bolt Storage we’re constantly looking for contractors in small markets and ended up finding staff by calling a local Mexican restaurant and giving them a similar pitch. I have friends who have hired bartenders, fast food employees, and retail workers, and had a ton of success with it. You have to be scrappy, you have to get out there and hunt.

P.S. this is a clip from a workshop I did with Shaan Puri for Support Shepherd. You can get a copy of the full recording by clicking this link – https://youtu.be/lQ3-QlAmZPk

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