Ep 106: How Twitter Supercharged My Life As An Entrepreneur

Twitter is the most important free tool I have at my disposal for growing my brand, business, and network. My mind was opened to the power of Twitter on two separate occasions. First, in 2020 I realized it was a platform where I could meet people with cash who wanted to get invested in self-storage. I began tweeting about deals I was making, people started to see that I was legit and that I had a sound thought process, and I started to get involved with investors who found me online. This was just at the start of what became a huge year of growth for Bolt Storage, so seeing Twitter accelerate that growth was powerful. I suddenly had access to capital that I didn’t have before, people were reaching out to me wanting to invest.

The second time my eyes really opened to Twitter was in early 2021, when Marshall, the owner of Support Shepard, came to me with a proposition. He explained that Support Shepard recruits Philipino and Latin American talent for offshore work for American businesses. Marshall encouraged me to make my first hire, promising that it would change my life and my business. After a couple of interviews, he brought me three candidates, and I was so blown away by these candidates I hired all three.

The process with Support Shepard was so encouraging that I wanted to get involved. Marshall offered me a revenue-sharing structure, but I wanted equity. The company has grown over 7X since I first worked with them, and part of that was by promoting them on Twitter. I promoted Support Shepard and shared my honest story about how impactful it’s been for my business, and people bought in because they trusted me and trusted my story. Because I had that following.

This has completely reshaped what I want to do long-term on Twitter and what I see as possible. I have side businesses right now focused on everything from const segregation, SEO optimization, recruiting, and performance marketing. Through Twitter, I have an audience of business owners and entrepreneurs who are genuinely served by knowing about these services. I shared my value add, and they see how it can help their business. It’s a beautiful thing.

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