Ep 61: The biggest mistake you can make when trying to scale a real estate company

I wrote a free mini-course on hiring and delegation, which I constantly preach the value of on this show. If you are managing people, whether as an entrepreneur or in a more traditional office job, being able to manage and delegate effectively is the fastest way to earn more money. 

If you are overworked at your job, it’s your fault, and you need to give more ownership to the people you manage. If you kick ass at your job and are drowning in responsibilities, you either need to advocate to bring an employee in or start to delegate more to the ones you have.

The first step is taking that extreme ownership. If you’re too busy, if you’re having too hard of a time hiring, it’s your fault. It’s time to take action and free up your time while increasing your income through great hiring and management.

The biggest mistake I see people make early in their entrepreneurship journey is getting way too focused on systems, processes, training, and automation when they’ve just started out. I’ve hired over 300 people, and trust me when I say it’s a waste of time to build training materials, automate your company, make custom Notion docs, and spend time tinkering with processes when things are changing so fast for your company. You can focus on it a little, but you don’t know what anything will be like when you actually have a growing business. People treat these tasks as a comfortable false sense of productivity, but it’s not adding enough value to your business early on when things are moving so much week to week and month to month.

At our student storage company, Storage Squad, my partner and I worked on a 120-page training package that comprehensively covered how we’d operate. But as soon as shit hit the fan, that got tossed out the window. It’s good to think about systems and processes, but some people get way too in the weeds, and you can’t predict what things will be like when you have a ton of employees and a ton of customers.

This isn’t to say that I’m not a huge proponent of systems and job simplification. Being able to effectively simplify has been a giant edge for me in my career. But if you don’t have a business, you don’t need processes, you need employees, customers, and action. You can do a ton of prep work and research, but until you take action you don’t learn anything. I advocate for building the airplane as you are taking off; get some customers, hire somebody, and figure things out as you go.

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