Episode 1: Who is Nick and Why Should You Trust Him? | The Nick Huber Show

Is real estate a good investment? Yes! But why trust a random stranger on the internet? Well, you shouldn’t. I am just a 32 year old guy chasing some massive deals and learning as I go. With that being said, I have a unique background for real estate that I think is extremely valuable and worth sharing.

I come from an operations background of marketing, hiring, organizing and management oversight, all of which has given me a serious competitive advantage in real estate. In 2011, my buddy Dan and I started a small business called Storage Squad, a pick up and delivery student storage service. With 12 states, 30 college campuses and up to 300 part time employees during the busy season, this was a logistical nightmare to say the least. However, it was a huge learning experience and gave me some valuable insight into real estate.

Right now, I own a real estate private equity company called Bolt Storage. With 24 self storage facilities, 642,000 square feet, and almost 5,000 units (4, 930), Bolt Storage operates in four different states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New York. Our operations division has 9 employees and our acquisitions division has 4 and we aren’t slowing down anytime soon. In 2021, my partner and I sold Storage Squad for seven figures, giving us the opportunity to rebrand under Bolt Storage, allowing us to grow at the rate we have been.

Although my background is unconventional for real estate, the principles and concepts are the same. They’re universal and can be applied to anyone’s real estate investment strategies.This is a podcast for real estate investors, beginning and seasoned professionals to become better no matter what background they come from. Real estate is a lonely game, and I want to change that and create a community that is conducive to beginners looking to get into the game, bigger investors, and everyone in between. There is no reason you can’t make some big, financial changes and have massive success. You just gotta put in the work!

Three Key Takeaways

  1. My background is unconventional. That doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m talking about though. In fact, it’s given me a serious competitive advantage, especially when it comes to investing in real estate private equity. 
  2. This is a podcast for real estate investors. With that being said though, you’ll find a consistent overlapping theme between entrepreneurship and real estate. I’m going to talk a lot about self storage on the show–it’s what I know, but the principles of deal structures, hacks, concepts, and operational advantages are easily applied to both entrepreneurship and real estate investing.
  3. I have a Real Estate Community! It’s a place for beginners and seasoned professionals to discuss real estate investment strategies and where we can change the solitary nature real estate investors often find themselves in.

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