Episode 4: Interview with Chris Powers of Fort Capital

In this episode of The Nick Huber Show I sit down with Chris Powers of Fort Capital who specializes in industrial real estate in the Dallas Fort Worth area. 

Chris is a serial entrepreneur with more than 16 years of real estate development and investment experience. He founded Fort Capital in 2005, and to date, the company has invested over $584M in Class B industrial, commercial, multifamily, student housing, and residential/land development projects throughout the state of Texas.

Chris’s ability to conceptualize, raise capital, and execute are only a small part of what Chris brings to the table. With a belief that investing time in people is the best investment that can be made, Chris has built a strong network that has helped catapult the industry of private equity investing to where it is today. Graduating with a BBA in Finance & Marketing from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX, Chris is innovative, ethics-driven, people-focused, community-minded, and passionate about ideas that matter, and has the professional and personal philosophy: “Tell the truth and be nice to people.” Chris is a member of the Fort Worth YPO Chapter and lives in Fort Worth, TX with his wife, Mikal, and their daughters, Palmer and Connor.

As a mentor of mine, I have learned so much about what I do within the real estate private equity investing industry, and as we talk about the ways to do business, to raise money, and really the ways to become a successful real estate entrepreneur through simple real estate investment strategies, I hope you see the value this conversation has to offer.

Connect with Chris on LinkedIn and Twitter, or listen to The Fort Podcast here.

Three Key Takeaways

  1. Have a go getter attitude. The world changes, markets evolve and things are different now than when Chris started his career. What doesn’t change is the go getter attitude. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Early on in his career, Chris found ways to propel his business when obstacles kept presenting themselves. Don’t let someone’s “no” control your destiny.
  2. Stay focused. Chris and Fort Capital have focused on one type of investment, and that is Class B Industrial. Being able to specialize and excel at that one thing can catapult your success to new levels and is one of the best real estate investment strategies you can apply to your business.
  3. Don’t be afraid to give. It’s easier to give when you have resources to give, but it doesn’t have to be money. It can be time, talents, knowledge but whatever you give, you’re happier. At the end of the day, you’re going to die and you’re not going to take any sort of material wealth with you and life will move on, so build to give.

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