The Nick Huber Show

The Nick Huber show is a short-form podcast on real estate, entrepreneurship and wealth.

You won’t find a lot of long-form interviews or unorganized banter. My goal is to be short and to the point and deliver value as quickly as possible. We’ll cover things like terminology, deal overviews, acquisitions, structuring deals, raising money, operations, hiring and more.

Nick Huber owns a real estate private equity company (Bolt Storage) in the self storage space. He owns 24 properties and over 630,000 rentable square feet in 4 states, and employees a team of 17 individuals and has raised over $10m in outside capital.

Follow along and become a better real estate investor.

The Nick Huber Show
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How the Fed rate increase impacts your real estate

June 22, 2022
9 mins

In this episode of the Nick Huber Show, learn about the most important tax loopholes that every real estate investor should know.

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