Stop now. The world doesn’t care about your dreams.

Just my 2c on this recent popular post.

Stop what you’re doing and look at your business through an unemotional lens.

Did you start the business because its what you want to be doing or did you start it because there is a gap in the market and room for you to compete?

The market doesn’t care about your dreams and desires. The market doesn’t care what you love doing.

If you end up growing a successful business you won’t be actually doing whatever it is you love for long anyway. You’ll be managing and selling and overseeing the processes. If it’s a passion project you’re more likely to keep working in your business vs working on your business. You’re more likely to undervalue your time. You’re more likely to keep at it for too long and make emotional decisions. The worst part is that you are competing with similar mindsets.

If it’s your dream it’s likely many other people’s dreams too. When the participation is high the odds of success go down. It’s a matter of supply and demand. Do you think it’s easier to get rich playing basketball or hauling junk?

I can hear the naysayers now and I’ll agree that passion does help with the work ethic and dedication. Passion helps with the long days and helps you get through the dip. But being able to make logical and unemotional decisions is way more important.

Notice the other poster is passionate about progress and building something. Thats great advice. Get passionate about entrepreneurship and building a business. When you spot an opportunity dive in. Thats how you succeed!

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