The #1 skill to master if you want to get rich

Sales is the key to life.

Every single interaction with another human that could possibly move your life forward is a sales interaction.

  • Convince an attractive person to date you
  • Talk a great employee into working for you
  • Get a partner to start a biz with you
  • Create friends who want to be around you
  • Raise money for a real estate deal
  • Convince a customer to buy from you
  • Get your boss to give you a raise / opportunity
  • Trying to get a job offer from a new company

Buying something important? You’re selling yourself there too.

Want people to follow you on Twitter? You are selling yourself and your ideas.

Literally everything in life that could potentially move you forward as a person is a sales environment.

Sales skills aren’t just for cold callers.

EVERYBODY needs to embrace this as a necessary part of life and take it seriously.

Here is the truth:

Every single person in this world is selfish 99% of the time. They are thinking about themselves and themselves only. Every interaction needs to be a win-win interaction in order for it to make sense.

Your wife is married to you because she is counting on you to make her life better.

Your friends are friends with you because they enjoy your company or you make them better.

Your boss is giving you a pay check of $60k a year because you’re adding $100k of value and he’s making $40k of profit off of you.

Your customers are paying you money because they value what you have more than they value their money.

A service company is coming to your house to quote a job because they think you can pay and you’ll be reasonable to deal with and they will end up profiting off of you.

The sooner you understand that this is the way the world works, the better off you will be.

You are selling yourself and the value you can bring to the table in every single interaction you enter.

So how do you get better at it?

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Step 1:

Show genuine interest in other people.

If people feel understood, they will naturally feel like you have their interests in mind and can help move them forward.

Step 2:

A mindset shift that really changed my life:

Walk into every single interaction with the goal of adding as much value as humanly possible.

Don’t think about charging money, withholding info, etc.

Prove you know your stuff. Help in a massive way. Gain trust. Profit later.

Most people have a mindset of scarcity.

If I give away what I know I’ll lose something and they’ll gain.

Or if someone else makes money I must be losing money.

The sooner you realize it’s a plentiful world, everyone can make money and you should share everything…

Your world opens up.

If you make money it’s not because you took it from someone else, it’s because you added value in excess of said amount of $.

A NET GAIN happened.

I have a good friend in tax, biz, wealth management consulting.

He brings in potential clients and spends an hour with them adding as much value as humanly possible without a contract.

One day I asked why he doesn’t charge and if he gets taken advantage of…

He said Nick most folks walk out of this room and sign up with me on the spot.

Many others call me back and sign on 6 months later when they need advice on something else.

I don’t worry about the money on day one. I show them I can help and the money takes care of itself.

People are selfish. If you flip that script, your world opens up.

Nick Huber


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