The 21 keys to success (According to Nick)


What successful people understood before they were successful:

Mentorship isn’t about finding a great mentor. It’s about becoming a person great mentors WANT to help.

Hiring isn’t about finding good people. It’s about becoming a person good people want to work for and building a business that can thrive without unicorns.

Wealth isn’t about extracting value from others. It’s about adding 10x as much value as you want to receive.

Winning doesn’t mean others lose. The real winners help 1000 others win with them.

People do business with people they like. Become a person others like.

The best entrepreneurs aren’t busy all the time. They have other people who make them money while they do whatever they want.

Business is about booking early (small) wins and building on that momentum. What you do on day one will look nothing like what you’re doing on day 1,000.

You get ahead by saying yes to everything. When you get momentum it’s much more about saying no.

A very small amount of your relative effort will generate an outsized amount of your success. When you take time to zoom out and figure out what that is, you can do much more, much faster.

Give up quickly. Time is more valuable than money.

Being selfish is okay. Everyone is selfish. Find a way to make sure everyone wins and everyone can be selfish for good reasons. Selfish + abundance = wins… Selfish + scarcity = losses.

If you are good at your job you can earn great money. If you can make other people great at their jobs you can get rich.

Entrepreneurship isn’t about grinding in the trenches day and night. It’s about leveraging other humans to do a better job than I could and spending my time doing what I want!

Sales is the key to success. Being able to sell yourself and your ideas is how you win. Don’t forget my sales workshop.

Being comfortable being uncomfortable is how you continue making progress. Everything worth doing in this world requires you to get uncomfortable.

Being a good businessman and having financial success is a small part of the big picture. The key is finding a way to be a good friend, husband, and father at the same time.

Consistency is way more important than efficiency. Anything worth doing gets really tedious 2 years in. Years 2-5 is the critical period to get right.

Doing boring things for a long period of time virtually guarantees success. Trying to get rich quick is the best way to stay poor.

Leveraging other humans in win-win environments is the best way to generate outsized results. You can multiply your efforts when you operate from a point of leverage.

The thing that draws the media’s attention is rarely the opportunity worth chasing. Sexy, hip things are often saturated to a point where nobody makes any money.

Chaos means change. Change means opportunity. Opportunity means wealth for people who can make things happen. Therefore people who can make things happen thrive in chaos.

Onward and upward,

Nick Huber

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