The key to a great life, the value of being hard-to-offend, and the perfect real estate deal size

I have a podcast on small business and entrepreneurship. In this episode I discussed how my dad raised me to become an entrepreneur with a few key decisions. Enjoy!

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I met a guy who travels the world and builds businesses.

He spends 20 hours a week working and the rest of his time traveling, playing golf, etc. He has a key team or operators who he pays well and they grow his companies.

He got rich on that schedule.

One of my friends started running and 6 months later ran a sub 3 hour marathon.

All while being an excellent dad, building businesses, a media empire, strong relationships. He even drank a few beers and smoked a few stogies with me on a Mexican vacation mid training.

I know another guy who has built a real estate empire, several other companies and has worked about 30 hours a week on average since 2012 when he started.

He hangs out with his kids and does outdoor stuff all the time. Sucks at golf but plays a lot.

All three of these folks are truly happy.

They don’t care what people think. They aren’t trying to prove anything. They genuinely have fun at life and don’t have a chip on their shoulder.

My conclusion:

Obsession is publicized, but balance is the key to a happy life – and you can still get really rich and become very successful.

Too many successful people are chained to a desk or locked in a business they can’t get out of.

They don’t have control over their lives or their time. What the hell is the point of it all if you can’t do what you want to be doing when you want to do it?

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One of my super powers is that I’m hard to offend.

I’ve seen too many people get offended for dumb reasons and lose out on a lot of opportunities in the long run.

Not over-thinking things and being able to understand where other people are coming from is massively profitable.

Two examples:

A while back I got invited to be a speaker at a conference in Boston. I found out the host of the conference had paid for another speaker’s flights and hotels but not mine.

Initially I was angry and almost cancelled. I decided to swallow my pride and go and I ended up meeting three critical people – a business partner, an influencer who invited me on their podcast, and a big investor. It was a game changer for me.

I had a potential employee miss an interview. Called me the next day when they realized they had put the incorrect date in their calendar.

I gave them another shot and they ended up being one of the best hires I’ve ever made and still work with me today. Will likely run one of my companies someday.

The lesson:

Swallow your pride. Be un-offendable. Don’t get emotional.

Be so secure in yourself that you can’t be offended by other people. Life will be 10x better, you’ll accomplish 10x more and you’ll get 10x richer.

Very few real estate investors (relatively) buy deals over $1MM.

Of the ones that do, they outgrow the $1-3MM deal quickly, moving up to larger deals.

Therefore: $1-3MM is the perfect place to buy RE locally for an aspiring RE investor.

Sub institutional, too rich for mom-and-pop.

The way to make real money: Buy 5-10 good deals in this range over a 3-5 year period.

Group them together -> Attract sophisticated buyers -> Exit -> Get very wealthy.

Onward and upward,

Nick Huber


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