The skill successful people have and average people don’t (ep 87)

Successful people are resourceful. They have the ability to solve problems when there is no clear cut solution.

We aren’t taught in school how to creatively solve problems. We’re taught to turn back the page and look up the answer. We’re taught to memorize rules to follow. We’re taught to comply.

Real life isn’t that way and business definitely isn’t that way. Most people, when they are faced with a problem they don’t know the answer to, call their boss. Or google the answer. Or find it in a textbook.

What if you don’t have that resource to lean on? You have to find the answer yourself and become your own resource.

As an entrepreneur there is no boss to call when things get hairy. You can’t just push that decision onto somebody above your pay grade. You have to find the answer.

Rock Thomas calls it being like an ant. When an ant faces a wall in front of it it turns and finds another way. When you place another obstacle in front of it it climbs over or turns again. Never stopping. Always adapting.

Making logical decisions to solve problems. Thats the skill. Thats how you win. Practice it and develop it and you’ll thrive.

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