Why working harder doesn’t mean making more money (and how to make more money)

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A lie:

The harder you work, the more you get paid.

The truth:

Rich people play golf and vacation while their assets make them way more money than the people who work really hard.

Wealthy people use their money and their assets to make them money while they do whatever they want.

The lesson:

Own something that makes you money. Real estate. Equity in a business.

If you don’t you’ll end up trading your time for money and punching a clock for 40 hours a week for the rest of your life so you can collect enough money to get by and put some in savings.

People don’t want to admit it but the USA is a meritocracy. If you have:

  • ability to learn
  • a sense of urgency
  • communication skills
  • ability to lead / delegate

You will get rich.

Any background, any city or town, any culture, any race. People know it but don’t want to admit it because it takes away their excuses and makes them feel worse about their failures.

As a man, it’s virtually impossible to be in a good marriage if your wife doesn’t have any of her own friends and hobbies.

If she’s counting on you to provide for the family as well as provide all of her entertainment and mental stimulation it’s an impossible situation.

Encourage her to do the work to make her own friends and build her own hobbies. Girls dinners. Getaways. Walks and coffee dates.

It’ll be a massive win-win for you and your family if your wife is excited about her own social schedule away from yours.

And ladies – if your spouse doesn’t want you to do this and tries to keep you cut off from the outside world it is a sign of insecurity and manipulation. Get out!

When things are going well its easy for people to be calm and look out for everyone else’s best interest.

When shit hits the fan some of those same people turn into selfish, crazy monsters.

When the stakes are high and people’s livelihoods are at risk, they are highly motivated to put themselves above all else.

And emotions are heightened. Fear. Anger. Stress. People show their true colors when things get tough.

The lesson:

Make sure you go through some of these situations with people before you really invest heavily in them through a marriage or a partnership.

Having your employees back is underrated.

The customer isn’t always right. The client is often being a jerk. Your employee often made a mistake because YOU did a poor job setting them up for success.

Not enough bosses take ownership over the things that happen in their company and too many just blame their employees for problems caused by entitled customers.

It’s a sad deal but grown adults in positions of power at companies often turn into bullies.

They play head games and manipulate their direct reports and create a culture of chaos and stress. I see it all the time in very reputable companies.

As an employee, customer or partner you can’t put up with this. Get out ASAP.

Some entrepreneurs leave a wake of distruction and get wealthy by taking advantage of people.

Angry employees. Partners who got screwed over. Customers who got dooped. Others don’t.

Be the one who doesn’t.

It’s amazing how much value a killer employee can add to your business.

You can pay them $100k and they can create $10 million in value.

My motto: If you hire a lot of people quick you’re bound to stumble upon some of these extremely valuable people.

Onward and upward!

Nick Huber


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