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Why entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone

Why entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone: Okay, now to the meat of today’s email: If you had talked to 28 year old Nick Huber, he would have told you to start a business. Everyone should do it! It is the only way to be happy. Working for somebody else is terrible! What I know now is […]

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July 16, 2024 4 mins read

Why SALES is the foundation of every business

Before we jump in: Over the last 12 months I’ve used AdRhino to run my pay-per-click Google ads at several of my companies. At one of our businesses AdRhino helped us reduce our cost-per-click by 44% while reducing our cost per lead by 56%. Our year-over-year ad performance is VERY GOOD. If you run a business spending […]

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July 10, 2024 4 mins read

Are you chasing status or cashflow? Why “fun” ideas aren’t profitable businesses

Before we jump in: Ranking your business at the top of Google can make all of the difference between your phone ringing with new customers and you struggling to grow. My team at Bold SEO has cracked the code for local service businesses. At Bold, they use a 3 step SEO system to turn your website into […]

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July 2, 2024 5 mins read

How to analyze a business idea in 5 minutes or less

Before we jump in: If you need a new website for your business, I highly recommend They build simple, beautiful websites for small businesses designed to convert visitors into customers and help your company grow. Here are four examples of beautiful websites the team built recently: If you’d like an intro to the team at […]

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June 27, 2024 3 mins read

One decision that made me a lot of money (and I listened to my team)

Before we jump in: ​AdRhino, a digital marketing company that I am a customer of and an investor in, is crushing it for local businesses. They run paid search and social media ads for clients in pest control, HVAC, plumbing, car washes, restaurants and more. They track conversions so you can get an exact dollar […]

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June 18, 2024 3 mins read

The worst business advice I’ve ever heard

Before we jump in: Titan Risk, an insurance company that I am a customer of and an investor in, hired a business insurance specialist. If you run a business and you are unhappy with your premiums, coverage or service – reach out to Titan or respond to this email and I can make a personal introduction. We’d […]

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June 12, 2024 6 mins read

Why do people play business on hard mode? Do it the easier way.

Before we jump in: Ranking your business at the top of Google can be all the difference between the phone ringing with new customers and struggling to grow. My team at Bold SEO has cracked the code for local service businesses. If you run a local company, let me know by replying to this email and I can make […]

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June 5, 2024 5 mins read

How to grow a business the old fashioned way

How to grow a business the old fashioned way: IMO, way too many entrepreneurs are obsessed with shiny objects. They want the next great AI tool or the next sexy software startup to solve all of their problems. They read endless posts on X and LinkedIn about the latest “growth hacks” and obsess over “doing […]

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May 30, 2024 7 mins read

I just spent $400K on a domain name. Here’s why:

We spent $400K to buy Here’s why: Big news: I recently acquired controlling interest in and raised $20 million to make it happen. We have changed the name of the company from Support Shepherd to Somewhere. I now own a web domain that was more expensive than the house I am living in. It turns out […]

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May 21, 2024 5 mins read

Why “new idea” entrepreneurship is a lie (and a dead end)

Why “new idea” entrepreneurship is a lie “New idea” entrepreneurship has infected the minds of the current generation of entrepreneurs. Everybody thinks they need a revolutionary idea or a get-rich-quick-scheme to find success. Something that’s never been tried before. Something that will change the world if it works and will turn the founder into a […]

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May 14, 2024 4 mins read
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Businesses I Love

These are all businesses and markets that I love. The competition is weak. The market is growing. The costs and risks are low. The odds are good. You can analyze the market and make accurate decisions on where there is opportunity to thrive. You can win. Start small. Start low skilled and low risk if […]

Idea Generation 101

This is an analytical approach to identifying and exploring new business opportunities. This is designed around service-based businesses but the concepts can be applied to any business. In order to compete you need to have a competitive advantage in one of three areas: speed, price or quality. The goal here is to look for holes […]

Essential Tools

There is a proven playbook to grow companies. What tools to use, agencies to hire, strategies to employ. I’ve launched 9 companies in my life – two of which are fairly large with 40 + employees and hundreds of thousands in monthly revenue. People ask me all the time for vendor recommendations. Who builds my […]

179: How profitable is a self storage facility?

In today’s episode, Nick talks about a self-storage facility that he and his partner bought in July of 2019. He goes over the numbers of buying it, operating it, and income from units being rented out, as well as expenses. His goal is to show you just how profitable a self-storage facility is. This property […]

Businesses I Hate

Prefer a more positive outlook? Check out the businesses I love. I don’t like businesses that have a lot of passionate people involved. Businesses that are fun and are a lot of people’s hobbies. Passionate people think with their hearts instead of analyzing the markets. Passionate people make poor decisions. Passionate people start companies because […]

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