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Why did I build this course?

If you want to build a business that can make you money while you sleep, you need a system to hire and train people who can help you STEP BACK away from the business.

Most people get it wrong and it shows.

They live stressful lives and THEY are the bottleneck. If they stop working the business stops making money. Every problem starts and stops with them. They put out fires all day, every day.

This is because they aren’t doing the right things to find reliable employees or the employees they have aren’t given the tools to succeed.

I’ve built systems to hire over 1000 employees at my service business which we sold (7 figures) in January of this year.

I’ve hired both low-skilled employees and executives. I’ve fired my best friend and hired full time staff in the Philippines.

The secret to success?

I lay out everything I know in my new program.

Inside, you’ll find lessons on:

  • Understanding the true cost of payroll
  • Methods for recruiting and marketing for employees
  • Interviewing employees
  • The mindset shift that led to my success

As well as practical advice like:

  • How to setup referral programs
  • How to interview
  • Where to find candidates
  • And so much more!

I’m offering $100 off using the code “sweaty100” at checkout to the first 100 folks who purchase this course.

Onward and upward,


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