The three keys to hiring great employees and scaling your business (ep 74)

Show notes for podcast episode 74.

Hiring good employees is hard. Most service businesses grow to the workload capabilities of their owners and then stall. How do you break through that barrier?

#1 Charge more for your service

Provide a great service on a quick timeline and you can justify charging a premium. Then you can afford better employees and you have the financial stability to take on the overhead needed to delegate and build a healthy company.

It took me a while to realize that not every customer was for me. My service was for people who were willing to pay a little more for quality. The customers who wanted the lowest price weren’t my customers. I had to cut the emotional tie I had to trying to win every customer at all costs. Its often better to convert less leads at a higher price.

#2 Simplify the job so your employees can focus and thrive

Don’t have your employees do 10 jobs at once. They’ll be weak at all of them. Take what you can off of their plate so they can focus on doing what they do best. Centralize your billing. Centralize your quoting. Have one employee do all of the estimating and another do all of the punch list items, for example.

We had our drivers also unloading trucks, making invoices, making schedules and doing customer service. We took all of that off of their plate so they could focus on getting the 5 core tasks done the right way. It was a game changer.

#3 Train resourceful employees and empower them to make decisions

When they come to you with a question you have two options. Answer that question and solve that problem yourself or teach them how to solve the problem. When you make the investment in teaching the framework you use to make decisions two things happen – you learn which employees have potential and can be trusted and you create extensions of yourself.

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