What we can all learn from Chick-fil-A


A small menu done really really well. Three types of sandwiches (fried, spicy fried, and grilled). Nuggets. Fries and shakes. Boom. Thats it. They take most of their orders with the walk up servers and 90% of customers don’t even need to look at a menu because after you’ve visited once you know it by heart.


The simplicity allows them to crank out the food. They know they’ll serve 300 chicken sandwiches per hour so the kitchen doesn’t wait for orders. They crank out the food baby.

The drive through moves 3x as fast as any other fast food restaurant I’ve ever seen. They’ve identified the bottleneck (the order board with speaker where McDonalds customers are overwhelmed, take forever, and change their minds) and gotten rid of it. Instead they have walking order takers that can take payment on the spot.

Nothing slows down the process. If it ever slowed it down they have already changed it. Their process is a well oiled machine that is predictable and blazing fast.

Eager professionalism

They are all super clean cut, take orders with a smile and have a genuine sense of excitement. I don’t know if they love their job but they are sure made to act like they do. I don’t know if they make more than the workers at taco bell but they sure act like they do. They are eager and professional. Its amazing how far that combination will get you in business.


The culmination of all this is that it tastes exactly the same every time. Its never slow. Its never grumpy. Its always a great experience.

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