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Deal breakdown – a home run storage deal and a $2.6 million cash-out refinance

Things are going crazy in my world. We closed on our 50th self-storage facility this week with the acquisition of a 3 property portfolio in Virginia. That makes 1,329,609 square feet and 9,905 units managed by our team of 40 employees. All operated remotely with our team of 40 employees – 18 in the Philippines, […]

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May 4, 2022 9 mins read

#176 – The best business lesson I learned from my grandfather

Show notes from Episode #176 of the Sweaty Startup Podcast. Last month Nick attended his grandmother’s funeral via Zoom, an emotional experience that made him think about his grandparents’ lives and what they did for his family. Lately, he’s been reflecting on what he will be most proud of at the age of 85, and […]

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June 4, 2020 4 mins read

#175 – How to start a deck staining business

Show notes from Episode #175 of the Sweaty Startup Podcast. People frequently reach out asking about businesses with low capital investment and low skill requirements, and Nick’s recent home improvement project spotlighted a perfect opportunity for that. Since buying their house in Athens, Georgia in 2018, Nick’s deck has always been in poor shape. Putting […]

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June 3, 2020 4 mins read

#174 – Why most entrepreneurs fail

Show notes from Episode #174 of the Sweaty Startup Podcast. Why do you want to start a business? Is it because you love photography and want to be able to make a living doing it? Do you wish there was a cat cafe in your town, so you want to be the one to open […]

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3 mins read

#173 – Why a recession WON’T happen

Show notes from Episode #173 of the Sweaty Startup Podcast. A lot has changed over the past few months and people are scrambling to make sense of it all. To some surprise, there’s an increasingly more realistic scenario that this becomes the great recession that never actually happened in the United States. Four weeks ago […]

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3 mins read

#172 – The best time to open a restaurant is right around the corner

Show notes from Episode #172 of the Sweaty Startup Podcast. Nick doesn’t like the restaurant business, he never has liked the restaurant business, and he may never like the restaurant business, but it’s clear that 12 months from now may be the best time ever to open a restaurant. Location, location, location The majority of […]

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2 mins read

#170 – Automated hotels as a business

Show notes from Episode #170 of the Sweaty Startup Podcast. You can enter the US and go through customs just by using a kiosk, you don’t even need to speak to anybody. But when checking into a hotel you need to talk to a person, give them your credit card and ID, check in, and […]

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May 14, 2020 3 mins read

#169 – How to launch a lawn care business: COVID businesses I LOVE

Show notes from Episode #169 of the Sweaty Startup Podcast. Nick is shameless about his love for lawn care. In Episode 119 Nick’s brother came on the show to talk about his lawn care company, and you can learn all about his first year of business which netted him $100k in revenue and $70k profit, […]

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3 mins read

#168 – Why buying a business post-COVID is a great opportunity

Show notes from Episode #168 of the Sweaty Startup Podcast. Nick Bradley visited the show on Episode 95 and talked about why now is an incredible time to buy a business. This rings even more true during the current pandemic.  Every day 10,000 Americans reach retirement age, and so many of the service-based businesses that […]

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May 4, 2020 3 mins read

#167 – Three businesses that you should NOT start right now

Show notes from Episode #167 of the Sweaty Startup Podcast. People have been asking about businesses that Nick thinks they should start right now. At the start of the COVID pandemic, he detailed a few opportunities that would open up as the world changes. Right now, it’s time to talk about businesses you should absolutely […]

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April 29, 2020 3 mins read
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Businesses I Love

These are all businesses and markets that I love. The competition is weak. The market is growing. The costs and risks are low. The odds are good. You can analyze the market and make accurate decisions on where there is opportunity to thrive. You can win. Start small. Start low skilled and low risk if […]

Idea Generation 101

This is an analytical approach to identifying and exploring new business opportunities. This is designed around service-based businesses but the concepts can be applied to any business. In order to compete you need to have a competitive advantage in one of three areas: speed, price or quality. The goal here is to look for holes […]

179: How profitable is a self storage facility?

In today’s episode, Nick talks about a self-storage facility that he and his partner bought in July of 2019. He goes over the numbers of buying it, operating it, and income from units being rented out, as well as expenses. His goal is to show you just how profitable a self-storage facility is. This property […]

Essential Tools

There is a proven playbook to grow companies. What tools to use, agencies to hire, strategies to employ. I’ve launched 9 companies in my life – two of which are fairly large with 40 + employees and hundreds of thousands in monthly revenue. People ask me all the time for vendor recommendations. Who builds my […]

Businesses I Hate

Prefer a more positive outlook? Check out the businesses I love. I don’t like businesses that have a lot of passionate people involved. Businesses that are fun and are a lot of people’s hobbies. Passionate people think with their hearts instead of analyzing the markets. Passionate people make poor decisions. Passionate people start companies because […]

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