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The skill successful people have and average people don’t (ep 87)

Successful people are resourceful. They have the ability to solve problems when there is no clear cut solution. We aren’t taught in school how to creatively solve problems. We’re taught to turn back the page and look up the answer. We’re taught to memorize rules to follow. We’re taught to comply. Real life isn’t that […]

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August 30, 2019 2 mins read

Rock Thomas tells us how to win at business and at life

This is an action packed episode with an action packed entrepreneur. Who Rock Thomas is and how he got started coaching 2:03 – The “Having a terrible basketball coach” analogy 3:11 – Always taking action  4:04 – Becoming a Meaning Master 4:50 – How Rock got into real estate and bought a house on a […]

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August 28, 2019 3 mins read

A rant on victim mentality and controlling what we can control (ep 85)

I dedicated a podcast episode and a video to this topic because it really struck a chord with me. Interested to hear your thoughts and feel free to disagree! I had a shower thought and posted this a few days ago comparing the tip culture in the restaurant business to entrepreneurship and stating that I thought good waiters and waitresses probably […]

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August 26, 2019 3 mins read

Why you should fire 20% of your customers right now (ep 83)

There’s a good chance there are a few customers that aren’t paying you enough and generate most of your stress. Figure out who they are, fire them and spend that energy growing your business and finding more of your ideal clients.

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August 23, 2019 1 min read

The Sweaty Startup Podcast surpassed 100,000 downloads today!

Going on 9 months without missing an episode and scheduled the 87th episode for release. Growing steadily. Thank you for following along! Here are my statistics between the podcast, website, email newsletter, YouTube and reddit. I made the decision to ignore Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and I that has been a good one. — I […]

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August 21, 2019 3 mins read

Oren Klaff tells us how to Flip the Script and close the deal

Show notes from podcast episode 82! How do we name our price and get the kind of clients that set us up for growth and scaling? Oren talks about how to appeal to the high end market. Its all about low neediness and putting the ball in the customer’s court to close the deal. Making […]

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2 mins read

Why you should update your voicemail greeting right now

Show notes from podcast episode 80. Your voicemail recording, especially if you’re busy and can’t answer the phone all the time, is your greatest weapon. It’s the first time a potential customer or client hears your voice and as well all know first impressions are incredibly powerful. So why do we invest about 30 seconds […]

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August 20, 2019 1 min read

Naval’s tweetstorm and principles, challenged

If you don’t know who Naval is then apply this to any tech founder from silicon valley you know and worship and read about. I listened to Naval on Joe Rogan during my travels this week. I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on this stuff. His tweetstorm and the JRE podcast. I’m a fan of Naval. I […]

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August 18, 2019 5 mins read

How to start a business right now with no money – the framework

Show notes from podcast episode 79. This is an analytical approach to identifying and exploring new business opportunities. This is designed around service based businesses but the concepts can be applied to any business. In order to compete you need to have a competitive advantage in one of three areas: speed, price or quality. The […]

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August 14, 2019 8 mins read

A supportive significant other is your greatest asset – a conversation with Nick’s wife Michelle (Ep 78)

Show notes from podcast episode 78. Having support on the home front is critical. In this episode of the podcast Nick talks with his wife Michelle about the struggles along the way and how they were able to overcome the unique lifestyle that is entrepreneurship. A few key takeaways: #1 – Communication Being on the […]

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August 12, 2019 2 mins read
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Businesses I Love

These are all businesses and markets that I love. The competition is weak. The market is growing. The costs and risks are low. The odds are good. You can analyze the market and make accurate decisions on where there is opportunity to thrive. You can win. Start small. Start low skilled and low risk if […]

Idea Generation 101

This is an analytical approach to identifying and exploring new business opportunities. This is designed around service-based businesses but the concepts can be applied to any business. In order to compete you need to have a competitive advantage in one of three areas: speed, price or quality. The goal here is to look for holes […]

Essential Tools

There is a proven playbook to grow companies. What tools to use, agencies to hire, strategies to employ. I’ve launched 9 companies in my life – two of which are fairly large with 40 + employees and hundreds of thousands in monthly revenue. People ask me all the time for vendor recommendations. Who builds my […]

179: How profitable is a self storage facility?

In today’s episode, Nick talks about a self-storage facility that he and his partner bought in July of 2019. He goes over the numbers of buying it, operating it, and income from units being rented out, as well as expenses. His goal is to show you just how profitable a self-storage facility is. This property […]

Businesses I Hate

Prefer a more positive outlook? Check out the businesses I love. I don’t like businesses that have a lot of passionate people involved. Businesses that are fun and are a lot of people’s hobbies. Passionate people think with their hearts instead of analyzing the markets. Passionate people make poor decisions. Passionate people start companies because […]

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